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    Name :         Joke Van Dan Wittenboer

   Website :     

   Country :      Netherlands

   Comments :  What lovely pictures you have !!!

      Name :         Penny Huntington

   Website :     

   Country :      England

   Comments :  Thank you Margaret for a super little boy. Kuuki is everything I hoped for & more.                       Bounced into my life from day one a superbly confindent well adjusted little man,                     mischievious & funny, outgoing & friendly. A true ambassador for the breed.

     Name :         Lewis Wiltshire

   Website :     

   Country :      Wales

   Comments :  Excellent website, fantastic dogs, especially CrystalHuge achivements here!

     Name :          Gavin Sugden

   Website :       None

   Country :       Northern Ireland

   Comments :   Your dogs are lovely and you have achived so much with them,                                                    well done with all your wins and champions.

   Name :         Sue Belshaw

   Website :      None

   Country :      Northern Ireland

   Comments :  I've been browsing through your site and looking at all your dogs.
                          What a great achievement - so many Champions.
                          Your dogs are beautiful, thank you for sharing.


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